Friday, May 15, 2009

First Weigh-in

Weigh-in 1: 175.6 
I am doing the carbohydrate addict diet which my sister Tara explains pretty extensively on her BLOG.

For breakfast I had two eggs scrambled with cheese and pepper (Isn't always what I WANT to eat but I get used to it and its enough to hold me to lunch when I eat a salad (preferrably with chicken but I haven't had any lately). For snacks I usually have a string cheese. All this I do looking forward to dinner when I get home from work when I can eat anything I want. The healthier and more balanced that meal is the more weight I could lose but I usually tend to go straight for the carbs haha so the weight comes off but just a little slower.

I work in Medical Records and am usually running around the office all day and my intention is to go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week. Lately I have been lacking my own car so this has been a problem. When I don't get to go I usually run at home or do the Wii for at least an hour.

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  1. Awesome Post--good job!! Just don't forget to post your picture! I like the sounds of this diet--might have to look up some info on it!!